Applications Engineering

SULMAQ’s Applications Engineering division consists of a team of professionals such as mechanical engineers, food engineers and architects.  The Applications Engineering structure cooperates with both Brazilian and International consultants specialized in slaughter, deboning and industrial processing.

In the last five years, SULMAQ’s Applications Engineering Division has developed approximately 200 project applications in the hog, cattle and sheep industries.

Products and Services provided by Applications Engineering:

  • General plan 
  • Process layout plan 
  • Section drawings 
  • Design of concrete basis 
  • Sewer pipe design 
  • Sewer pipe specification sheet 
  • Floor drainage location drawing 
  • Wall specification drawing 
  • Loads and support points specification drawing 
  • Basement drawing 
  • Flow drawings 
  • Water, gas, steam, electric and compressed air specifications and consumptions drawing
  • Door and openings specification drawing 
  • Platform specification drawing 
  • Operation drawings 
  • Rails and Overhead Conveyors specification drawing 
  • Overhead metallic frame drawings and specifications 
  • Electrical drawing 
  • Chutes and gutter design drawing 
  • 3D Drawing 
  • 3D Video

Product Engineering

  • Sulmaq’s Product Engineering team is trained by FRAUNHOFER Institute for hygienic and ergonomic design of equipment for the meat industry according to CE standards. 
  • Own project structure created by professionals such as mechanical and mechatronics engineers, and other technicians. 
  • Selected technical team for the preparation of manuals for equipment and technical training for maintenance.
  • Own team of professionals responsible for the product development process, constantly focusing on the improvement of existing products and the development of innovative technologies for the meat industry. 
  • Sulmaq’s product development process is oriented by a formal model of PDP, which passes through several steps until the product is launched.


SULMAQ owns a high-tech industrial park, equipped with the latest laser “Made in Germany” and other state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to this SULMAQ’s factory has qualified staff, and a workflow precisely defined to ensure a customer-oriented production.