Sulmaq develops and supplies beef slaughter lines with capacities varying from 20 to 360 beefs per hour.

With all its knowledge and experience, Sulmaq designs slaughter lines that prioritize the process. The focus on the process results in high productivity, better yield, lower operational costs and, as a consequence, in an excellent quality final product for its customers.

With differentiated equipment in terms of quality, hygienic design and reliability, Sulmaq provides its customers the best cost-effectiveness in all stages of the slaughtering process.



Sulmaq offers stunning solutions for different capacities and to meet the humane slaughter requirements. Besides the traditional slaughter, Sulmaq offers equipment for Kosher Slaughter and Halal Slaughter.

    - Stunning box for cattle – 60

    - Stunning box for cattle – 140

    - Multipurpose box for cattle stunning

Hide Pulling

Hide Pulling

Sulmaq offers hide pulling systems which are used in different slaughter capacities. The solutions vary from simple equipment to state-of-the-art systems in order to meet the different demand levels in terms of hygiene, functionality and quality.

    - Downward system for cattle hide pulling

    - Upward system for cattle hide pulling 

    - Horizontal system for cattle hide pulling

    - Hoist for cattle final dressing

    - Side pulling machine



Sulmaq offers different evisceration systems developed to meet the specific needs of each slaughter capacity. Such systems have excellent functionality, low contamination risk, easy hygienization and provide more reliability to the inspection, which assures high quality products. 

- Conveyor table for evisceration and inspection 
- Fixed table for evisceration and inspection 
- Cart with trays for Inspection


Washing Systems

Washing Systems

Sulmaq offers from usual head and carcass washing systems to modern equipment for automatic carcass washing system, reducing  the slaughter operational costs.  

    - Cattle head washing system

    - Cattle carcass washing system

Offal and Viscera Processing

Offal and Viscera Processing

Sulmaq offers different solutions for offal and viscera processing for different slaughter capacities, thus meeting the specific needs of each market.  

The equipment is developed to meet the needs of each process and product, respecting the conscious use of natural resources. 

Besides obtaining the maximum yield in each kind of product, Sulmaq equipment processes healthy products of excellent quality.

    - Easy clean rotating washing machine for offals

    - Easy clean washing and defatting machines for cattle paunches and omasums

    - Tables for casingcleaning and calibration 

    - Jaw separators

    - Offal Cooking Device

Feet Replacement

Feet Replacement

Sulmaq cattle feet replacement system is the best solution in terms of operational costs, hygiene and security.

Beef Deboning

Beef Deboning

Sulmaq develops and supplies beefdeboning lines with capacities varying from 20 to 360 beefs per hour. 

Sulmaq´s Engineering Team designs deboning lines that prioritize the process and the flow of products. Besides, Sulmaq’s lines flexibility allows processing a great variety of excellent quality products.

The conception of the deboning room layout, together with high technology and reliable equipment, provides high productivity, better yield, low operational costs, hygiene, ergonomic and security.

     - Half carcassdeboning

     - Deboning with Bone Puller system

     -  Multifunctional deboning /Pace deboning

     - Quarter deboning, shoulders on table, chucks and shanks on the overhead conveyor 

     - Quarter deboning, chucks on table, shoulders and shanks on the overhead conveyor

     - Deboning system with cells

     - Chilling rooms